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Such as lead, flammability, and hypoallergenic content level.

Boloparty - Your Trusted Stocking Manufacturer

With over 500 new designs every year. Boloparty promised we have in stock the design you look for. In planning to expand your business coverage or planning to simply provide your personal needs, our company is your ideal run-to stocking supplier. Message us your ideas and proposal and we will get back to you in a jiffy.

Popular Stocking Picks This Year

Lace Stockings

Laced-made stockings are made of high-quality spandex and polyester in colors black, beige, and white. Its high elasticity is soft and comfortable to wear. This lace stocking is budget-friendly.

Printed Stockings

Butterfly print stocking is made of smooth and ultrafine nylon perfect for shorts and miniskirts. Other designs are also available in heart prints, leaf prints, and more.

Stripe Stockings

Made of 100% nylon, stocking is available in black and white horizontal stripes. Perhaps you are looking for a stocking that matches peculiar occasions, stripe stocking is for you.

Sheer Stockings

Absolutely stunning, this sheer stocking emphasizes your leg feature in the color black. Manufactured with 100% nylon, it fits 40-80kg in one size. This stocking is the best for your everyday office pencil skirts.

Garter Stockings

Looking elegant in red, garter stocking is also available in black and white made with the finest 90% nylon and 10% spandex making the item durable. Thong is separate and sizes fit from queen to plus size.

Thigh High Stockings

Closed-toe thigh-high stocking gives the perfect leg support. Sizes range from small to extra-large. Colors are available in black, white, and beige. The high-quality silicone and nylon give long-lasting elasticity.

Full Body Stockings

This full-body stocking is made with excellent quality spandex and nylon. It sure looks amazing in brown and neon-pink cheetah print. The lace design is also available in black and brown.

Silk Stockings

Compression guaranteed this transparent silk stocking is unisex. Each design follows a toe shape. It is available in petite and regular sizes, and it is easy to wear for all-day comfort.

Scrunched stocking

Knee-high scrunches stocking is fabricated in 90% polyester and 10% nylon spandex. Available in black, medium pink, and grey. It is one-size and fits most.

Why Boloparty Stocking

We team with you in the necessities of your events. Whether is stocking for casual days or a remarkable celebration, Boloparty’s stocking is your outstanding apparel to use. We offer our professional service to provide the match your design. From raw materials to intricate layout, we got you in that in the most economical and eco-friendly way.

Boloparty stocking manufactures recyclable materials that went through a thorough process for the safe use of our valued customers. Our company exports highly competitive stockings all over the world and we send you the item directly at your doorstep or your favorite local store. Boloparty accepts piece and bulk orders. Let us know your concerns!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

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Boloparty equips its employee to lay out 500 more designs of stockings. This variety of options definitely supply your stocking needs for all occasions. Make an excellent choice and partner with us.

Our team plans every detail from raw materials to end products. You can trust Boloparty to be your sustainable and cost-effective supplier stockings supplier.

Boloparty Stocking to Boost Your Business

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Boloparty- The Reliable Stockings Supplier in China


The use of stocking evolves from time to time, and you can rely only on the skilled ones. Boloparty meets the demands of the target market. With its adept research team, our company makes sure that we design and produce stockings that match the customers’ choices. For quality stocking supply interest, Boloparty is the team for you.

As one of the prime stocking manufacturer industries in China, Boloparty holds its name with respect to the interest of the majority. We warrant safe and budget-effective stockings in the market platform.


Boloparty Designs Stockings For

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Traditional Celebration
  • Daily Use
  • Business Attire
  • Parties
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Trick and Treats
  • Simple events
  • School events


Occasion-wise, Boloparty styles stockings that are comfortable to use and effortless to wear. The products are cozy whether it is a plain stocking or sophisticated one. Each items’ detail is curated to fit the next-to-skin feature of a stocking, which helps every user not to feel uneasy.

Boloparty stocking reaches markets locally and internationally with its authentic products. Hence, if you are considering to venture your business, Boloparty can support your plans. As suppliers, we are consumers too, and we understand the essential demands you have.

Our stocking supplies span from kids to adult compatibility. Which includes stockings for everyday use or special occasion; from plain to fancy, Boloparty can supply that to you.


The Edge of Boloparty stockings

  • Secure
  • Lightweight
  • Even Color distribution
  • Comfortable
  • Effortless to Wear
  • Fashionable
  • Matches your Outfit
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Economical
  • Eco-friendly

Depend on Boloparty with your stocking needs. Our teamwork painstakingly provides excellent ready-made supplies and customized ones. Our decade experience in providing world-class stockings makes Boloparty the company that suits your demands. Connect with us your plan and objective so we can work around it.

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