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We have been in the industry for over ten years, specializes in party supplies production and export.

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You can find the simplest to the most elegant pet costumes here! We manufacture using the best quality materials to ensure long-lasting, safe, durable, and unique quality pet costumes. Without regrets, you will sure in good care with Boloparty! Our mission is always to meet your expectations in terms of quality. Discuss your plans with our experts today!

Most Popular Pet Costume This Year

Athletic Pet Costume

An athletic pet costume is the perfect sports attire for any pet. We accept the different designs you demand.

Plush Pet Costume

The plush pet costume protects the pet’s fur, skin, and paws. It is available in different styles to fit any pet figure.

Teddy Bear Pet Costume

The teddy bear pet costume is available at lower rates. We will create its designs according to your requirements.

Business Suit Pet Costume

Different business suit colors are available. We can also add booties and hats to complete a set for it.

Mascot Pet Costume

The mascot pet costume has the extreme quality and can provide extra comfort for pets. It provides 100% quality.

Carnival Pet Costume

Pets can meow, see, bark, walk and hear clearly and comfortably if the Boloparty carnival pet costume is worn to them. It is made from non-toxic materials.

Christmas Pet Costume

The Christmas pet costume will be a suitable outfit for any pet for Christmas parties. We initiate its details carefully to meet your ideas.

Halloween Pet Costume

We use the most quality and non-toxic materials for your Halloween pet costumes production. It provides the protection you need for pets.

Birthday Set Pet Costume

We offer the most basic and elegant birthday set pet costumes. The set includes a hat, shoes, and other accessories.

Why Boloparty Pet Costume

Boloparty has shown our capacity in manufacturing pet costumes in over ten years. Thanks to our skilled team and advanced manufacturing equipment, we can now develop the best quality products. All pet costumes we offer also pass the phthalate-free testing and AZO testing for quality confirmation. 

At Boloparty, you can get affordable products yet has a quality that can surpass your expectations! Choose us today.


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Pet Costume Supplier
Pet Costume Factory in China

Boloparty can use our comprehensive experience and knowledge to develop your party supply needs. We have over ten years of experience, allowing us to produce the latest pet costume selections. We can come up with over 500 new designs every year. It will be sure enough to supply your start-up business.

A professional team, advanced manufacturing machinery, and prosperous years of experience are Boloparty’s advantages. If you want us to be your partner, we will always make you satisfied. Send now your pet costume inquiries and concerns!

Boloparty Pet Costume to Rocket Your Business

boloparty certification

Boloparty- Your Reliable Pet Costume Manufacturer

Are you concerned what the best pet costumes you need for business? You will need Boloparty as your reliable supplier!

Boloparty has been here for about ten years and still doing our best in this field today. So, if you need the best pet costumes, you can rely on us and ask for recommendations.

Does pet costumes from Boloparty safe and quality?

Totally yes! We guarantee each pet costume that comes here is safe, comfortable, and adjustable. Pets will be able to see, walk, meow, hear, and bark clearly when a quality pet costume is worn to them. Before the production, we make sure to use non-toxic and quality materials.

Why should pets wear costumes?

The primary reason is for pet protection. It also provides the exact comfort that pets need in the cold, rain, or any weather condition. And to protect their sensitive paws, we offer pet costumes with booties or lifejackets when out on the water. Boloparty pet costume variations indeed have all the safety features you need. Aside from that, below are other top benefits when pets wear Boloparty pet costumes.

5 Benefits of Boloparty Pet Costumes:

  • Provides exact comfort
  • Protects skin and fur
  • Protection against harmful elements
  • Be a part of any events
  • Increase overall safety

You can always count on Boloparty for your pet costume needs. We offer a lot of options for you to choose from. You can select sporty pet costumes, business suit pet costumes, mascot pet costumes, carnival pet costumes, and many more. You can avail of all our products with your tight budget.

There are many pet costumes suitable for many occasions. You can use them for Christmas parties, weddings, Halloween, carnivals, birthdays, and so on. If you choose us, you can expect each costume has your desired quality. So, choose Boloparty today, and we’ll help you showcase your brand.

We promise never to make you regret it while you’re with us!

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