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Boloparty party hats pass international safety standard which includes lead content, mercury, cadmium and other chemicals found especially on the coating of the product.

Boloparty - Your Reliable Party Hats Manufacturer

Boloparty has been serving clients from all over the world for more than a decade. This guarantees that we design the party decoration needs that match your ideas.

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Customers’ Best

cone party hat

Simple cone hats are popular for general events. This hat is made of metallic foil perfect for any occasion. It is also available in different colors like metallic grey, gold, red, black, and many more.

Cap Party Hat

Free size hat, garterized cap fits your party needs. This product is skillfully embroidered with glittery beads that are in medium purple shade. Other colors are also available: green, gold, black, and grey. The base is made of nylon fabric making it light to wear.

Birthday Party Hats

This birthday hat is made of thick cardboard paper which is perfectly coated with metallic foil, printed with a happy birthday greeting. Balls on top of the cones are light plastic that goes in colors: yellow, red, pink, etc.

Christmas Party Hats

These durable DIY Christmas hats are made of soft and thick felt cloth. Each piece comes with a string that helps you adjust your desired size. The cute detachable hat decorations surely bring the best of your creativity.

pet party hat

Your pet can definitely look more adorable with this paper pet party hat. The material is thick vellum paper that is evenly printed with a cute animal design. Each piece comes with a drawstring—soft, that makes it comfortable for your pet.

funny hat

Party is never boring with this party hat that is made of soft wool and cotton material. Patches go in a variety of colors, like burgundy, yellow, green, white, and black. Patches are customizable into leather or acrylic.

Headband Hats

A cone and a headband, best things go in two! This headband is built with a cone party hat that is designed with sheer nylon fabric, acrylic feathers, with a combination of colors, pink, green, purple, and blue. The headband is made of acrylic, curated with tiny tine that holds your hair and keeps the hat in place.

Mini Crown Party Hat

This stylish mini crown glitters with gold and pink color. The crown base is made of felt paper, soft but strong that is 3.50” in height and 3” in diameter. The number decoration is detachable and you can choose the right number for you. Also, each piece has a comfortable nylon string that holds the crown in place.

tea party hat

Grab this elegant tea party hat made with high-quality lace for your next party occasion. This hat is available in blue, purple, black, and red. Each piece is laid out with a silver brooch, feather, and nylon sheer. The hat is strongly attached to a black comb that keeps it from falling. Your tea party hat is 5” x 4” in measurement.

Why Boloparty Party Hats

Boloparty designs and manufactures party hats that meet customers’ ideas. We developed party hats that are environment-friendly and economical. As a leading manufacturer of party decorations, we provide products that meet global standards. If you are searching for competitive party hats, Boloparty is the best party hats provider that customizes designs according to your request.

You definitely heard about us, as Boloparty has a wide range of knowledge in decoration making. Our party hats are made to stand intensive use, with raw and recyclable materials. Boloparty sets the quality standard in the industry with our high-quality supplies. We are one click away from the party hats ideas you need. Choose Boloparty!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business


Boloparty has a wide array of party products which you can point according to your specific occasion necessities. Our company is the excellent business associate that you can choose. The decade-long hands-on experience we have does not disappoint our customers.

Your party supply needs are what we strive for. Build your event confidence by relying only on the best. Boloparty is here for you.

Boloparty Party Hats to Advance Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Experienced Maker of Party Hats

Boloparty brings to your door the ideas in your mind. We are the leading party decoration needs manufacturer in China, and our excellent partnership with local factory services makes us competitive in delivering standardized products around the world.

Our company made its name in the industry serving customers with outstanding products for their events and party occasion. Our material is safe for the user and the planet. If you envision a remarkable event our party hats are waiting to please you.

Boloparty Party Hats are Marvelous for Your:

  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas Parties
  • Slumber Parties
  • Fiesta
  • Promotion Blow Out
  • Farewell Party
  • Welcome Bash
  • School Events
  • Sports Events
  • Family Gathering parties
  • Dinner parties

Name your events and occasion. Boloparty exists because we cannot disappoint your ideas. Our skilled and hardworking planning and production team is scrutinizing every detail in planning and producing quality supplies. With that being said, we assure you that your demands are sufficed by our extended efforts.

If you envision a blissful party our party hats are definitely what you have been looking for. Whether it is for business or personal use.

Whenever it is an intimate celebration or a grandiose one, Boloparty yearns to join your occasion by sending you the best party hats you will ever find.

Boloparty brings you an array of party hats selection. Sizes and designs are customizable. We offer party hats from simple designs to sophisticated ones. Our wearable is made not only to please the eyes but also they are easy to apply and comfortable to use. Let us work around your plans as we purposely want the success of your occasion.

Perks of Boloparty Party Hats

  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Elegant
  • Match the Theme
  • Vibrant
  • Long-lasting

Boloparty is not just your party needs supplier, we are your team, and we are here because of our valued customers’ unfailing support. We invest in quality materials to produce excellent products that help our customers. This shows that as we invest in these matters we also invest in our customers’ trust.

You cannot compromise the success of your next party, and Boloparty equipped with its ten years of building products and supporting dreams is more than glad to serve you.

Send your inquiry to our team and we will sort out the things you need. Message us now!

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