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The masking tape applies to many things. As one of the typical party accessories, Boloparty provides you with the highest quality masking tape selections. Any size and multiple colors of masking tape are available here. We have over 50 factories for party accessories. Indeed, if you pick Boloparty to manage your masking tape needs, you are in good hands! We will surely assist you in your journey with us. Contact us right away for more basic info.

Most Popular Masking Tape This Year

50MM x 50M Multi-Use Masking Tape

50MM x 50M masking tape is available in custom and personalized prints. All types of masking tape are more efficient and affordable.

Extra-Wide Masking Tape

Extra-wide masking tape with superior quality is available at Boloparty. You can print your brand to it, perfect to market your brand name.

High Performance Masking Tape

High performance masking tape is made from easy-to-tear and thin paper. They can be available in a variety of widths, colors, and prints.

Masking Tape for School & Office Supplies

Masking tape for school & office supplies is a popular and most necessary item. It is better than a transparent one. It won’t leave residue on the wall.

Multi-Colored Masking Tape

For your ideal multi-colored masking tape, you can select from orange, yellow, green, pink, black, white, etc. It is used to put up balloons for parties.

Painter Decorative Masking Tape

The painter decorative masking tape has all the quality you need for a masking tape. It is used when painting and attaching balloons for parties.

Paper Masking Tape

The paper material used in paper masking tape is easy to tear and won’t leave any remainder on the wall. The product is also cost-effective.

Platinum Masking Tape

Boloparty is complete when it comes to platinum masking tape and other party accessories supplies. The product is available in different widths.

Pro-Grade Masking Tape

We supply you with high-quality pro-grade masking tape. It features weather resistance, UV resistance, and water resistance when used outdoor.

Why Boloparty Masking Tape

Boloparty has earned a good image and rich knowledge after ten years of commitment on the field. We specialize not just in manufacturing your favorite party supplies items but also in exporting them nationwide. Boloparty provides unique quality products, which is the reason many clients always come back to us.

The goal is to satisfy you! That is why, every time, we double-check the masking tape quality before the shipment. We are confident we can give you the masking tape with the full features you want.


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Masking Tape Factory in China
Masking Tape Supplier

Boloparty can be your one-stop masking tape provider and other party accessories in China. We will be happy if you give us a chance to be part of your growing business. We can work with you by supplying the most quality masking tape products. You can avail of all our offers at affordable rates yet exceptional in quality.

We can guarantee your satisfaction at Boloparty! We are a company that passed the SEDEX, BSCI, and FAMA Audit factory inspections. We can’t wait to please you through our wide masking tape variations. It broadly works as a party accessory, in paintings, and more.

Would you please tackle your specific designs today? We promise to serve you our best!

Boloparty Masking Tape to Rocket Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Trusted Masking Tape Manufacturer

Do not miss adding masking tape to your business! And you can get the unique masking tape variations only at the Boloparty. Many clients have trusted us when it comes to masking tape production and export. You will indeed receive masking tapes with your desired quality when you choose us.

Today, we are keeping on earning knowledge in manufacturing masking tape and other party supplies. We are eager to give the best for your business. For that reason, we carefully choose the materials and the equipment to use in the entire production.

What is masking tape used for?

Boloparty masking tape is easy to tear, lightly adhesive paper tape that can be applied and removed easily without remaining residues. Also called painter’s tape, masking tape is available in various widths and colors. It is helpful to put up streamers and balloons for party purposes.

Is masking tape waterproof?

It depends on the specific type of masking tape. But most of all tapes are water-resistant rather than waterproof. The aim is to ensure crisp and clean lines.

How long can a masking tape leave on when used in attaching balloons?

You can leave the masking tape on for up to 60 days. Using masking tape to attach the balloons is a good idea since it’s long-lasting tape.

Why is masking tape the best than other tapes?

Boloparty masking tape is the best because it has all the features you are looking for a particular use. It is made with a low-tack adhesive that won’t leave damage, tear, and any damage on the wall. Masking tapes are also strong enough to hold many balloons together.

If you think masking tapes will bring a massive impact on your business, allow Boloparty to provide for you.  Our prosperous 10+ years of experience in this field will surely help your business succeed. Efficient team, strong supply chain, full development support, and factory audit & testing are also Boloparty’s advantages.

Come to us today! Let us know how we can support your business.

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