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Good thing you found Boloparty! Our capabilities in manufacturing any party supplies will satisfy you.

Boloparty - Your Excellent Latex Balloon Manufacturer

We manufacture both regular and unique latex balloons from the best materials. You are sure to get latex balloons here at an affordable price yet have the full features you desire. You can get from the most uncomplicated ones to the most elegant designs. It works well, especially when you have a business relating to party supplies items. At Boloparty, you can choose what you most love from our selection or have your design to it. It’s our responsibility to meet your standards and expectations. Discuss your plans with us!

Most Popular Latex Balloon This Year

9-Inch Pastel Color Latex Balloon

Entire pastel colors for 9-inch pastel color latest balloons are available. It has shiny, brighter, and elegant colors to offer. The product is also open for customization. Feel free to contact us.

12-Inch Latex Balloon

Sweeter and shiny colors are what a 12-inch latex balloon will bring to any party. It works well at different parties, such as anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and more.

16-Inch Creative Latex Balloon

Any colors are available for 16-inch creative latex balloons. You can choose from green, violet, orange, red, blue, white, black, or even mixed. We accept MOQ from 100pcs.

Biodegradable Latex Balloon

The biodegradable latex balloons can be made from nylon fabric, rubber, latex, or polychloroprene. They are the golden standard of party balloons, with superior quality.

Christmas Party Latex Balloons

The Christmas party is not complete without balloons. Christmas party latex balloons are perfect for the event. It is designed to take up air and with elasticity.

Latex Birthday Helium Balloons

Latex birthday helium balloons are the best choice for birthday parties. It is made of latex fabrics and can expand up to 5x more than its normal size. We will also consider your design for this product.

Latex Giant Heavy Duty Balloon

Latex giant heavy duty balloon is perfect for big events like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. It has the surpassing quality you’ve been looking for in a balloon.

Metallic Assorted Color Latex Balloon

Metallic assorted color latex balloon is more elegant, attractive, and colorful. It will complement well to any occasions and parties. Available in multiple sizes and colors.

Multi-Colored Latex Balloon

You can get what color you want for latex balloons from green, blue, yellow, red, orange, white, etc. You can also specify your ideal sizes. Talk with our experts today and let us handle your needs.

Why Boloparty Latex Balloon

Choosing Boloparty to assist your latex balloon needs will be a good decision. We will exert efforts in giving you the best and surpassing quality items. To make sure, we inspect each latex balloon through AZO testing and phthalate-free testing. We are confident we have enough capabilities to satisfy you.

All party supply items, including the latex balloons, are affordable yet higher in quality. Choose us now! We promise to please you with our products.


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Latex Balloon Factory in China
Latex Balloon Supplier

During the ten years of dedication in the industry, we are now proud to offer you our latex balloons selection. The mastery and expertise we gain throughout the years are what we use to produce outstanding outcomes. Thanks to our years of experience, advanced machinery, and professional team, we can now achieve the satisfaction you want.

Trust our services today! We can be your one-stop party selection service provider that you can depend on anytime you need our products.

Boloparty Latex Balloon to Rocket Your Business

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Latex ballon

Boloparty- Your Reliable Latex Balloon Manufacturer

A party wouldn’t be complete without balloons. So, if you need latex balloons for your party or business, Boloparty is the manufacturer you can count on. Choosing a suitable variety of latex balloons can be challenging, but Boloparty will make it easier for you. We can recommend to you the best ones, which can work with your tight budget.

We manufacture latex balloons using high-quality polychloroprene, rubber, nylon, or latex fabric. These are designed to take up air and enlarge up to 5x more than their regular size. Whether you need standard or custom latex balloons, you know where to go. Boloparty is your premier source of the best party supplies items, like latex balloons.

Since the latex we use is 100% natural, latex balloons will surely last long. It will also not be harmful to the environment. The latex balloons have a lot of features, as mention below.

Boloparty Latex Balloon Features:

  • Multiple sizes and shapes for selection
  • Come in various prints
  • Long-lasting
  • Low cost
  • Reusable


  • Baby Showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays

If you have a business focusing on party supplies products, do not miss latex balloons to add. We can guarantee all balloon variations come from us has your expected quality. Most importantly, our products can boost your brand and profits.

You are sure to admire our latex balloon selections! It is available in different sizes, colors, and prints to fit various parties. Both custom and standard designs are also available. For your custom orders, kindly discuss them with us.

Aside from latex balloons, you can also choose your bet from party balloons, foil balloons, and more. All are available at lower rates. Any design you specify, you can trust we can provide it for you.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, you’ll never go wrong choosing Boloparty. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

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