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Boloparty values all customers, whether old or new customers worldwide.

Our factory is based in China, with over ten years of skills and experience to produce superior quality Hawaiian skirts.

Boloparty - Your Excellent Hawaiian Skirt Manufacturer

Choose Boloparty today for excellent Hawaiian skirts that serve their purpose. Each has guaranteed quality, suitable for beach parties, Halloween parties, tropical theme parties, parent-child theme parties, and more events. You will surely love our version of Hawaiian skirts with the best quality at reasonable rates. We provided all you need features for the product. For more expert details regarding Hawaiian skirts, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Most Popular Hawaiian Skirt This Year

Adult Hawaiian Skirts

The adult Hawaiian skirts has an adjustable waist and multi-color strands that make it stand out. All sizes are also available for this style, from extra-small to extra-large.

Fabric Floral Hawaiian Skirt

We will grant any colors you want for fabric floral Hawaiian skirts. The size, color, and design are customizable, made according to your preferences.

Flowered Hula Hawaiian Skirt

We manufacture the latest, good condition flowered hula Hawaiian skirt for you. It features colorful flowers around the waistline, making it more attractive and comfortable to wear.

Hawaiian Grass Skirt

Our Hawaiian grass skirt is easy to wear, comfortable, and durable to wear. It is also easy to put on or take off to use for a specific event. For your custom request regarding this product, please message us.

Kids Hawaiian Skirt

Various kids’ sizes for Hawaiian skirts, from small to large, are available. We made the product out of barks and natural fibers to last longer and ensures quality. Each has brand new designs.

Leaf Hawaiian Skirt

You can purchase the most unique leaf Hawaiian skirts here. It is available in different adult and kids’ sizes, with adjustable waist and colorful strands. Allow Boloparty to serve you!

Long Plain Hawaiian Skirt

We have the high-quality long plain Hawaiian skirt here! It is easy, durable, and comfortable to wear. We offer the product at affordable rates yet have the latest designs.

Multi-Colored Hawaiian Skirt

We will meet your specific requirements for a multi-colored Hawaiian skirt. It is perfect for beach-theme parties, tropical-theme parties, Hawaiian theme parties, and festive occasions.

Plus Size Hawaiian Skirt

If you are not sure what size to choose, we recommend the plus size Hawaiian skirt! It is available in different colors. You can select from blue, yellow, orange, red, green, etc., to fit various parties.

Why Boloparty Hawaiian Skirt

Boloparty has outstanding skills in making Hawaiian skirts exactly with your designs. We thought carefully about every detail of Hawaiian skirts, from what the best material should use, its waist designs, and strands designs. We make sure to create durable, comfortable, and high-quality Hawaiian skirts to deliver.

Our over ten years of experience helps us be more passionate about this service. However, your custom request for Hawaiian skirts is very welcome. We will satisfy you using capacity in the making industry. Please get in touch with us today!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Hawaiian Skirt Factory in China
Hawaiian Skirt Supplier

We’ve been working now for over ten years to improve our skills in producing great Hawaiian skirts. We promise never to disappoint you with our quality. You can get only the latest, superior-quality Hawaiian skirt and more party supplies items at Boloparty!

We can be your best partner to supply your start-up business needs. If you have a party supplies-related business and you just get started, choosing Boloparty to provide you is a great idea! We are glad to help you. For more inquiries about our services and products, leave a message. You are sure to get a response within 24 hours!

Boloparty Hawaiian Skirt to Rocket Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Leading Hawaiian Skirt Manufacturer

Be the one to receive the perfect quality Hawaiian skirt from Boloparty! We offer a broad selection of Hawaiian skirts with elasticated waist. Boloparty can be your most reliable manufacturer and supplier in China. Our over a decade of experience will surely help to develop an outstanding Hawaiian skirt quality.

Boloparty Hawaiian skirts, or sometimes called grass skirts, are an essential part of Hawaiian culture.  Besides decoration purposes, such skirts are used to highlight the dancer’s movements constantly. To complement your various goals, Boloparty can offer you a comprehensive option. You can choose from fabric floral Hawaiian skirt, flowered hula Hawaiian skirt, leaf Hawaiian skirt, and many more.

What is a Hawaiian skirt made of?

We create our series of Hawaiian skirts from natural grass-like synthetic fibers, barks, high-quality plastic strips, and polyester-blend fabric flowers. It helps the product to serves in a longer time than expected.

Our Hawaiian skirt always serves its purpose. We also ensure it has the features you need for a specific application.

Boloparty Hawaiian Skirt: The Common Features

  • Adjustable waist
  • Multi-colored strands
  • Custom kids or adult size
  • With colorful flowers around the waistline
  • Made of natural fibers, barks, and other materials
  • Brand new at affordable rates
  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Durable, easy, and comfortable to wear

You can get here Hawaiian skirts for kids and adults. We can create designs according to your preferences. We have the capabilities to meet your expectations in terms of Hawaiian skirts production.

You can match Hawaiian skirts with wristlets, garlands, anklets, a sarong, hats, headpieces, and more accessories. Depending on the application, you can choose the perfect jewelry to complete your look.


  • Halloween parties
  • Beach parties
  • Hawaiian themed parties
  • Tropical theme parties
  • Parent-child theme parties
  • Festive occasions
  • Dance show
  • Costume ball
  • Fancy dress parties
  • Game cheerleaders, etc

Don’t ever miss Boloparty exclusive offers for Hawaiian skirts! Our products are authentic to boost your business profits.

You can find everything here when it comes to party supplies!

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