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We make sure each Hawaii Garland we present meets the US, Canada, and EN safety standards.

Boloparty is the manufacturer and supplier you can trust! We’ve been in the industry for over ten years. We will provide the best care you deserve.

Boloparty - Your Outstanding Hawaii Garland Manufacturer

Once you choose us to be your Hawaii garland manufacturer and supplier, you will have a brighter business future! Boloparty offers a variety of Hawaii garlands with exclusive features you desire. It features multi-colors, lightweight, comfortable, long-lasting, and custom sizes fit for kids and adults. Hawaii garlands from Boloparty are perfect for welcome or farewell events, Hawaiian hula-hula dancing parties, etc. Whatever the occasion, our Hawaii garlands have the quality that complements.

Most Popular Hawaii Garland This Year

100% Polyester Hawaii Garland

100% Polyester Hawaii garland has the extreme quality and reliability that every person desires. It is available in multi-colored designs, various lengths, or made precisely to your preference.

120CM Hawaii Garland

120CM Hawaii garland has the feature you need. It is durable, won’t fall off easily, lightweight, and comfortable to wear as a necklace. You can also choose what colors you like, whether pink, green, blue, etc.

Artificial Flower Hawaii Garland

The artificial flower Hawaii garland is indeed dust-resistant, customized, and superior in quality. It is perfect for a tropical theme party, Hawaiian hula-hula dancing party, farewell, or welcome event.

Beach Colorful Hawaii Garland

One piece of beach colorful Hawaii garland weighs about 30g. It is customizable in colors and sizes. For cheerleader performance, campfire party, or beach party, it complements the event perfectly.

Fresh Orchids Hawaii Garland

The fresh orchids Hawaii garland has the quality to fit a specific occasion. The fresh flowers can be preserved for up to 5-6 days. For particular requirements, kindly get in touch with our experts.

Hawaii Welcome Garland

The Hawaii welcome garland is the best for a welcome party event. It can be made of different flowers, such as orchids, daises, ginger blossoms, roses, carnations, and more.

Rainbow Hawaii Garland

Allow Boloparty to make your rainbow Hawaii garland requirements. We manufacture the product with superior quality materials and exclusive features. It is comfy and lightweight to wear.

Tropical Hawaii Garland

The tropical Hawaii garland is perfect for tropical theme parties. They are usually made out of reliable plastics to ensure lifelike and outstanding features.

Vintage Hawaii Garland

From the name itself, vintage Hawaii garlands have an overall vintage look. We make sure every detail is outstanding in quality and elegant. It is perfect to wear for VIPs.

Why Boloparty Hawaii Garland

Don’t go elsewhere! Boloparty can be your excellent source of the best quality Hawaii garlands. We make sure every detail will be based on your requirements and applications. All have the highest quality yet affordable.

We use the most quality materials to develop your Hawaii garlands orders. You will never regret it if you choose us. We execute efforts to make you satisfied in every step we make. Boloparty MOQ is starting from 100pcs to support your business. Please get in touch with us!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Hawaii Garland Supplier
Hawaii Garland Factory in China

Boloparty Hawaii garlands have the most significant impact on your business! Each has extreme quality, making it suitable for wide-ranging applications like campfire parties, farewell or welcoming events, cheerleader performances, Hawaiian theme parties, and more.

We ensure to double test each product for quality confirmation. Boloparty is over ten years dedicated in the field. No doubt, you will find the best care and support here! Be sure to get in touch with us immediately. You can expect a response within 24 hours from our experts!

Boloparty Hawaii Garland to Rocket Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Prominent Hawaii Garland Supplier

Welcome to Boloparty, where you can find the best, most unique Hawaii garland creations! Hawaii garlands are best to give as a token of welcome or farewell. We present to you a variety of Hawaii garland styles. We have artificial flower Hawaii garland, fresh orchids Hawaii garland, Hawaii welcome garland, tropical Hawaii garland, and more.

What is a Hawaii garland composed of?

They are composed of just about anything but usually consist of fresh, natural foliage like vines, seeds, flowers, fern, leaves, and fronds. Other kinds of Hawaii garland may include land or seashells, fabric, plastic flowers, bones, fish teeth, candy, paper, and more. Boloparty experts use the best quality cotton thread materials, thickened polyester fabrics, plastic tubes, fadeless and eco-friendly materials. For your specific design of Hawaii garland, please communicate with us.

What flowers are best for Hawaii garland?

Boloparty Hawaii garlands are commonly made of fresh flowers like jasmine blossoms, orchids, Kika blossoms, daisies, roses, carnations, or ginger blossoms. The garland requires durable petals and stems not to fall off easily. The flowers mentioned works perfectly.

Are the Boloparty Hawaii garlands reliable?

Yes. We make sure each garland will stay fresh longer. Ones made out of plastics guaranteed quality, dust-free, and colorful features.

How long will a Hawaii garland last?

When properly taken care of, it can last for up to 5-6 days. When you choose Boloparty, you will get a long-lasting and durable Hawaii garland.

Boloparty Hawaii Garland Specifications:

  • Weight: About 30g per piece
  • Color: Blue, red, yellow, or custom
  • Features: comfortable, lightweight, lifelike, suitable for kids and adults
  • Application: cheerleader performance, campfire party, beach-themed events, welcoming or farewell events, Hawaiian hula-hula dancing party, tropical theme party, and more.

We will give you the best care! Our Hawaii garland selections have the unique quality you can’t find in others. When looking for party supplies, consider Hawaii garland. It is an effective way to market your brand way easier.

Trust Boloparty capabilities in manufacturing and supplying Hawaii garland and other party supply items. We promise always to support you in your journey with us!

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