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Each Halloween item passed the international health and safety standard.

Boloparty, with its decade of skills in producing world-class Halloween supplies, promised you to receive the best service you deserve.

Boloparty- World-Class Halloween Supplies Manufacturer

Jump on the train of fun in this spooky season!

At Boloparty you will find adorable designs that satisfy your Halloween party essentials. From high-quality utensils at your table to the fancy suits you wear during the party, we got you covered.

We provide the best service in supplying Halloween supplies that will take your breath away. Our company assures that each item meets the quality standard so as to deliver top-notch Halloween accessories all over the world. Boloparty uses non-toxic materials with our state-of-the-art facilities. This guarantees that you find our product at your doorstep with outstanding quality.

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Most Popular Costume Fancy Dress This Year

Halloween Boots

Fancy in orange and black, these shoes are in 5.5- 12 women’s US size to 4-10.5 men’s US size. Made with polyester and thick rubber sole

Halloween Candles

Skull design candles are made with high-quality beeswax, paraffin, and stearin. This one is 4”x9” and goes in tea light, filled, and pillar design.

Halloween Hat

Bendable acrylic Halloween hats is available in small to large sizes. Designs are made with felt paper and glued with strong adhesive.

Halloween LED lights

Halloween led light is battery operated and has an adjustable handle with 24” maximum length. Perfect for indoor and outdoor events.

Halloween Make Up

Skin-friendly makeup, Boloparty makeup is made with quality raw materials such as GSC and Cocamidopropyl betaine, the best skincare.

Halloween Mask

A creepy Halloween mask is made with high-quality latex that gives it a realistic look. It is available in different colors. sizes vary from kid to adult.

Halloween Pinata

28” diameter pinata is made with an acrylic base and felt paper cutouts that give an embossed effect. It is pre-lit and battery-operated.

Halloween Utensils

Spooky dinner achieved with these Halloween utensils manufactured with eco-friendly and non-toxic raw materials. Other colors are green, red, etc.

Halloween Suit

This pumpkin design suit measure body length 30”, chest 42”, shoulder 18”, waist 40”, bottom 43”, sleeve 23” available in other colors.

Why Boloparty Halloween Supplies

Great deals at affordable cost. Boloparty manufactures products with high-quality raw materials. Each design is carefully studied to meet the demands of the general market.

We offer customization of products from materials to graphic design. Our company is no doubt the number 1 Halloween party supplier in China, which adheres to all health and quality standards locally and internationally.

Put away your doubts as Boloparty is your reliable partner in pulling off that Halloween party you planned for.

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Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Halloween Supplies
Halloween Supplies

A decade of providing party services for personal to company-owned store. Boloparty is here to continue to support your business plan. With or up-to-date lay-out designs and our new and improved raw materials, we guarantee that we carry out the ideas you want.

Behind every quality product, you receive for Halloween events are people who work with dedication. Boloparty considers your ideas and most especially your safety through our high-quality Halloween supplies. You can get the best from the best ones. And Boloparty is confident to be your next reliable partner in manufacturing Halloween supplies.

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Boloparty Costume Fancy Dress to Rocket Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Finest Halloween Supplies Manufacturer

Let the spooky season begin with Boloparty’s first-class Halloween supplies. Don’t miss out on Boloparty’s great deals and offer!

We offer a wide variety of Halloween supplies, from the smallest sizes to the largest ones, our company can get you the design and measurement you want. It doesn’t end there. Boloparty warrants the sustainability of your Halloween supplies as each design can be used for another year or different events.

Who Are Behind These Great Quality Products?

As your top-notch Halloween supplies provider, Boloparty assures that the people working with your demands and concerns are people with the right knowledge and skills. Our planning teams are employees with great minds that study the market strategies and develop plans that contribute to both the company and the buyers.

Boloparty’s production team is equipped with safety and emergency procedures. They deal with the everyday hazard and assure that the Halloween supplies you receive pass the quality assurance standards worldwide. They are led by team leaders of great values that help to the quality and speedy production of our goods.

Boloparty Halloween Supplies Take-Away

  • Suits and CostumesHalloween apparel at Boloparty is hugely based on the up-to-date fashion trends in the industry. Each suite and costume from shoes to headdress are picked from 1000 most bought designs online by our valued customers.
  • Make-up and cosmetics- your skin is our concern! 100% hypoallergenic raw materials are combined to achieve the color and texture you want. These products are developed to match all skin types. Boloparty does not compromise the health of our users.
  • Halloween Party Utensils- plates, spoon, fork, cups, straw, etc. are strong and do not easily break. They are manufactured with high-quality polypropylene and polystyrene. It has a wide variety of designs and colors.
  • Halloween Decorations- from banners, candles, balloons, pinata, hanging Halloween Disney characters all have customization offers. With detailed designs, colors, and sizes, Boloparty can bring into reality the Halloween party decoration that you need. We supply Halloween party necessities that are cost-efficient but do not compromise the products’ quality.

Features of Boloparty Halloween Supplies

  • Aesthetic-wise
  • Customizable Measurements/Designs
  • Fire Retardant/ UV Rays Protection
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-efficient
  • Reusable
  • Non-toxic

Boloparty has what you want for your Halloween celebration. Our wardrobe is full. Our boxes are ready. And, we are excited to bring to you quality items perfect to kick start and hit the pinnacle of your business journey.

Let Boloparty know the details of your Halloween supplies needs and we will work on it while you sit comfortably and assured that your products will arrive with maximum care and quality. MESSAGE US NOW!

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