Your No.1 Halloween Decorations Supplier in China

Boloparty is ahead of the game in providing high-quality Halloween decorations all over the world. We make your ideas possible and tangible!

Every product passed the international quality and standardizations. Rest assured your item is safe and reliable.

Boloparty- Your Superior Halloween Decorations Manufacturer

Looking for world-class quality Halloween decoration supplies? The search is over!

Boloparty brings to you Halloween decorations that are quality and affordable. Surely your Halloween season celebration will be incredible with the reliable products we supply. We offer customization of designs and raw materials to be used. Boloparty makes sure that you have more than what you look for as each item has sub-categories that widen the range so you can choose more, and select what you believe is the best for your business and events.

Most Popular Picks This Year

Frankenstein Table Cover

Frankenstein table covers are perfect for outdoor activities. It is waterproof and rectangular in shape, sizes vary from small to large.

Halloween Broom Stick

Fashionable broomstick made of PVC tube coated in acrylic black. Broomstick alternate thick nylon fabric best for hanging decoration.

Halloween Cupcake Toppers

These adorable cupcake toppers are made of thick paper. Readily printed with high-quality graphics. Sticks are made of wood and non-toxic.

Halloween Party Banners

Non-stain and can stand rain or shine weather, this banner is made of high-quality felt paper. It also comes in a variety of colors in sizes 6”-12”.

Halloween Party Stickers

These Halloween stickers are made of easy-remove glossy vinyl, waterproof, and sticks to all surfaces perfect for creative Halloween.

Hanging Dracula Head

Made with high-quality latex, this skin felt Dracula head is 28” in diameter with 20” in length. It has a hook and a strong drawstring.

Hotel Transylvania Toys

Hotel Transylvania characters are made of vinyl materials coated in different colors. Its surface is smooth and joints are bendable.

Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin

This 5” inflatable skeleton pumpkin is made of top-quality polypropylene. it is waterproof and available in different sizes and colors.

Nightmare Before Christmas Balloons

Disney character balloons are made of fine-quality latex. It is thick and can endure hot and cold environments, also comes in metallic colors.

Why Boloparty Halloween Decorations

Uncompromised quality at an achievable price, if that is what you are up to then you have found the perfect manufacturer to supply your Halloween decoration needs. Boloparty is one of the fastest leading party supplies companies in China. It has grown into a larger manufacturing group through the years because of the quality and world-class products it produced.

From raw materials, on the process, up to the end product, each item is scrutinized to pass the local and the international health and quality standards. The main goal of Boloparty is to support you with your brilliant ideas and be your best partner by bringing you the finest Halloween decoration supplies in the market.


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Expand Your Business

Halloween Decorations
Halloween Decorations

Planning to start a business or expand the service you bring to your customers? We heard you!

With our Low MOQ offer, you will have the supplies that will make you ahead of the race. Boloparty accepts customization of products according to your feasibility plans and according to the demand of your platform. Our company’s years of quality service proved that our products are competitive enough to be able to reach the global platform.

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Boloparty Carnival Costume to Rocket Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Outstanding Halloween Decorations Supplier


Party with quality Halloween decorations. Boloparty is here to mix and match with your creativity to achieve that spectacular spooky theme!

Over the years our company produced best-selling Halloween decorations all over the world. Every item manufactured in Boloparty passed the strict quality audit. Hence, you can be confident that each product is non-toxic and lead-free.

So, say yes! And let us pack the Halloween decorations you need. Whether you are up for a small outdoor gathering due to pandemic or you feel like snuggling cozily at the comfort of your home, we got your back. Pick your items now and let the creative Halloween begin!

Halloween Party Ideas Using Boloparty Decorations

Dracula Head Dinner– place the cutleries and put that Dracula head on the center table. Who knows if this one talks in real life, fun be with you!

Ghostly Ambiance– achieve that spooky atmosphere with Boloparty’s artificial cobwebs made with the finest fabric that doesn’t gobble.

Hell Lit Hallway- light up that hallway with our skull candles in a pillar shape. Adore the sweet aroma of these candles. Perfectly made to perfume your entire place.

Halloween Banners and Balloons– these two are the awesome backdrop combination for your main party reception.

Trick n’ Treat- how about a pumpkin basket for your candies and chocolates? Sound just right. At Boloparty adorable Halloween decorations are waiting for you.

What are the Perks of Our Halloween decorations?

  • Quality checked
  • Fire retardant
  • Non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Budget-wise
  • Recyclable
  • Durable
  • Up-to-date Designs

As promised, Boloparty got your back this Halloween season. Our products aren’t made for one occasion use only. Practically these products are designed to be recycled. Inflatables are thick enough to be stored for your next theme party, Halloween utensils are reusable and non-greasy. Boloparty’s Halloween decoration has your creativity as the limit. As your mind widens so as the design we have for you.

We would love to accompany you to your Halloween parties. Each product we send to you brings a piece of us. And we are happy to serve you. Whether decorations or costumes even cosmetics, Boloparty warrants that these products are what you will love to use.

Trick your doubts and celebrate your success. Partner with Boloparty now and let us keep moving forward. SEND YOUR MESSAGE TO US NOW!

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