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Boloparty - Your No.1 Halloween Costume Manufacturer

Boloparty is your reliable manufacturer and supplier in China that can meet your Halloween costume designs and ideal types of fabrics. We can provide complete selections from various fabrics, designs, accessories, and more options. We can offer low MOQ to help you grow your business and save money. We listed different Halloween costume samples below. It will help you get more ideas to decide the best for your business.

Most Popular Halloween Costume This Year

Adult Vampire Costumes

You can choose both men’s and ladies vampire costumes. It is designed with a long black coat and types of the long black dress made of lace.

Alien Costumes

Alien costumes are inflatable and affordable costumes. Available in different styles and colors like green attractive for kids and adults. Lightweight and easier to wash.

Animal Costumes

Animal costumes have different selections and fabric options. There are lion animal costumes, crocodiles, tigers, and more. It is made of warm and types of fabrics, wool, and more.

Butterfly Costumes

We manufacture butterfly costumes in a variety of colors and types of butterflies. Available in the whole body and half manufactured according to your designs.

Clown Costumes

Clown costumes have plenty of styles and designs including color. Durable stitch for long use with various colors. You can use it for the next Halloween party.

Hero Costumes

We ensure the highest quality hero costumes for kid’s girls and boys, adults, and more. Manufacture with cotton fabrics, silk, spandex knits, and more with a high percentage of spandex.

Kids Pirate Costumes

Kids pirates costumes have different accessories like hats and eye accessories. It has jackets and inner suits with different styles of slacks. It is made of different fabrics according to your request.

Witch Costumes

Witch costumes are commonly black colors, green, purple, and more. Perfect for Halloween costumes available in plenty of designs and sizes. You can get affordable witch adults and kids.

Zombie Costumes

We can custom your ideal zombie costumes from various colors, dimensions, and more available for kids, adults, and more. You can get the whole body and set costumes.

Why Boloparty Halloween Costume

Boloparty is an experienced manufacturer and supplier that used verified materials for high-quality Halloween costumes. We manufacture a variety of colors, prints, designs, accessories, and more. You can also send your own drawing and types of fabrics. We ensure quality tested that FAMA audits and more high standards.

We professionally handle different processes through our skilled servants from different areas. We have complete sewing equipment to support fast and smoother fabrication. We can ensure to provide 100 pcs of Halloween costumes for your business. Inquire us now!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume

We can produce plenty of Halloween costume designs to meet your business’s special requirements. We can help your Halloween holiday be special and satisfying that help you gain the best profits. We provide one-stop solutions to meet your ideal customizations.

We professionally provide convenient space for different production areas. We have skilled designers and technicians, a wide space for storing, a cutting room, a showroom, production workshops, and more. We assure you of friendly customer service so don’t be shy to directly connect with us. Get in touch!

Boloparty Halloween Costume to Expand Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Trusted Halloween Costume Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for a cost-effective and high-quality Halloween costume in China? Then Boloparty is your perfect choice. We have great experience in more than 20 years producing different party supplies. We can help different types of businesses with our verified supplies. We can export your orders wherever your location is nationwide.

Boloparty Halloween costumes are made of different materials according to your request and types of costumes. We assure to use of verified materials that passed the highest standards to export nationwide.

As an expert company and party costume supplier in China, Boloparty assures us to provide the best quality materials and fabrics. It has perfect accessories from buttons, ribbons, belts, and more. All types of fabrics are easier to sew. We have different machines that we can ensure to create a lot of designs well.

There are Different Halloween Costumes Types of Fabrics:

  • Chiffon
  • Cotton
  • Denim
  • Leather
  • Satin
  • Wool
  • Lace
  • Linen

We have many costume factories that provide one-stop solutions. We can handle smooth and fast production to meet your urgent needs and get your ideal quantity offering low MOQ from 100 pcs. Whether you are handling small to large business, Boloparty is willing to offer full support.

Boloparty can make different Halloween costumes like hats, shoes, tops, and whole-body costumes, and more. We passed high standards with BSCI, FAMA audit, and Sedex to send different high-quality party costumes to different countries. Our Halloween costumes have quality materials that are able to use for many years.

There are Different Advantage and Benefits of Halloween Costumes:

  • Provide color and happiness for different parties
  • Can be used for the next holidays
  • Making your Halloween party and any events attractive and unique

Boloparty Halloween costumes are not only used for Halloween holidays but also use for schools and other occasions. Available for kids and adults with different sizes from small to extra-large sizes. We are one of the largest custom selection producers in China that can help you grow your business whether you need it for retail, wholesale, and more business purposes.

If you need your Halloween costume orders urgently, we can assure you smoother process and faster deliveries. We provide flexible packaging to prevent damage and wet from the different weather conditions. But we assure you to select the right transportation according to your place details.

Send your inquiries and expect a quicker response. Message us now!

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