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Safe and cost-efficient glow-in-the-dark supplies for your events. Come and light that party with Boloparty’s glow-in-the-dark materials. Connect to us now!

Boloparty - Your Brilliant Manufacturer of Glow in the Dark Materials

Boloparty is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that manufacture the leading glow-in-the-dark materials all over the world. The chance of you failing your expectation is zero percent. Boloparty develops premium products of glow in the dark for your project necessities. Send us your inquiries and our team will reach back to you quickly.

Most Popular Costume Mask This Year

Glow in the Dark Ball

Glow in the dark ball is perfect for an overnight beach party. This 100% nylon with soft butyl balloon glow is sized from 15cm- 28cm diameter.

Glow in the Dark Glue

Made of non-toxic, acid-free chemicals, glow-in-the-dark glue is washable. We provide 30ml to 147ml of this glue in multiple colors.

Glow in the Dark Marble

This marble is partially transparent and has a green swirl that gives a bright glow in the dark. It’s 16mm and 24mm in diameter.

Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow paint has 6 different colors formulated from synthetic resin and acrylic. It is non-toxic and washable/non-washable, perfect for aesthetic body arts.

Glow in the Dark Balloons

Excellent-quality glowing balloons are made of 100 % latex that can hold natural air and helium. These balloons come in diverse colors.

Glow in the Dark Sticks

Glowing sticks come in different shades and lengths, from 2”-12” with 48hrs power. Sticks are bendable and perfect for neon parties.

Glow in the Dark Stars

Galaxy-theme party these glow-in-the-dark stars are the perfect match. It has self-adhesive and non-toxic content that secures it in place.

Glow Stick Eyeglasses

Acrylic-made with acid-free and non-toxic content, bendable glow eyeglasses go in children and adult sizes. High bendable 5-8hrs light span.

Photoluminescent Pigment

Customize your ink with this non-toxic and lead-free content inorganic pigment. Diverse colors: green, blue, yellow, green which apply on most surfaces.

Why Boloparty Glow in the Darks

Your innovative maker of glow-in-the-dark products is here. Boloparty completes your needs for parties and events with our wide range of available products that can surely supply your essential party materials.

Reach us with your custom ideas, from sizes to graphic designs or even raw materials necessary to meet your demands. Boloparty team is working 24/7 to attend to your concerns.  Message us!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Glow in the dark
Glow in the dark

Starting a business has never been this easy. Boloparty gives you a hand in starting that long waited business adventure you want. Our company warrants world-class glow-in-the-dark products that add light to your event or parties.

Our years of innovation and application brought us where were are now. Boloparty is one of the leading industries in supplying high-quality glow-in-the-dark materials for your special occasions.

Customize your glow-in-the-dark ideas and let us know how we can serve you with our finest service and materials. Send your Message NOW!


Boloparty Glow in The Dark to Shoot Up Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Innovative Glow in the Darks  Supplier in China

Boloparty is the right choice you waiting for you. The years we dedicate to this industry is one of many reasons why Boloparty stands out of the crowd.  We understand your demands and we meet them right where you need us.

Our glow-in-the-dark products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials. The long-lasting, glow-in-the-dark that lasts for more than one use are what Boloparty can assure you.

Boloparty Glow in the Darks Uses

·       Creative Arts

·       Neon Parties

·       Body Aesthetics

·       Rave parties

·       Overnight Parties

·       Home Decor

·       School Party Events


Advantages of Boloparty’s Glow in the Darks

·       Long-lasting

·       Add Beauty to the Theme

·       Cost-Effective

·       Environment Friendly

·       Fits in Surfaces

·       Non-toxic

·       Vibrant

·       Multiple colors

Explore and have fun with our different types of glow-in-the-dark supplies. Each product is carefully studied by our expert team. Some types of glow in the dark use Chemiluminescence, phosphorescence, and illuminating pigment that are processed in the thorough application.

Boloparty is as excited as you are, for your next party and we can guarantee that in making glow-in-the-dark products your ideas are sufficed by our proactive team.

Boloparty is your one-stop shop for all your party essentials. And we customize our products according to your proposals. Let us join you in your creative eureka moments for we are here for the sole purpose to make your party and occasions be worth remembering.

Moreover, in lay-outing your business or simply enhancing your personal surroundings. Boloparty party supplies are excellent and ready to join the fun. Fashionable and safe materials that are compatible with both young and adults are what we have for you.

Let us work hand in hand. Make Boloparty your reliable and innovative team. With enthusiastic people who generate exceptional ideas. Boloparty can still go a long way in keeping its name as the leading industry in manufacturing premium party supplies that are competitive in the global arena. Secure with its non-toxic, lead-free content and low flammability chemicals we assure you that our glow in the dark party supplies will not disappoint.

Send to us your details because Boloparty gets back to you with a top-notch offer of services and products. Now is the time to have your questions answered. Message us NOW!


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