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Boloparty cooperated for 10+ years in feather mask production.

We offer a chain-series selection of products at the most economical price.

Boloparty - Your Professional Feather Mask Manufacturer

Since 2010, Boloparty has received high-acknowledgment for being the most successful feather mask manufacturer in China. All our products are designed and produced by assessing the EU/USA safety standards. We can be your primary source for all your needed feather masks for your start-up and running business. Our product guarantees comprehensive quality stability, features, benefits, and advantages. Settle some transactions with us now!

Most Trendy Feather Mask This Year

Carnival Feather Mask

It has the most elegant and passionate feather design. A handicraft product that contains 100% natural materials. Ideally suitable for any holiday celebrations.

Colorful Feather Mask

This mask usually wears for some formal and casual occasions. It gives incomparable attraction due to its fancy and enchanting color combinations. 

Fashionable Feather Mask

Each of these mask sizes is 18x10cm and can customize upon your request. It comes with an ingenious design that gives fancy and luxurious fashion appeal.

Feather Venetian Mask

Feather Venetian mask bears with exquisite and larger feathers. This craftsmanship has a patented flip-up headband that allows it to swivel up or down.

Mythical Feather Mask

This party accessory is perfect for those parties that portray darker themes like cosplaying events or Halloween parties. Available in several mythical characters. 

Owl Feather Mask

This custom accessory characterizes the realistic owl pattern. It is breathable, non-toxic, and bewitching for custom celebrations, theme parties, etc. 

Rainbow Feather Mask

It is designed using the actual rainbow-colored feathers and glitters. Highly perfect for any gender and bears with flexible sizes that intend for kids to adults. 

Gothic Feather Embroidery Mask

It comes in a gothic-inspired design that is suitable for vintage party themes. This mask only covers half of your face, is comfortable, and is not easily removed with any motion.

Golden Lace Feathered Masquerade Mask

It features flexible fitting measurements and universal designs. This mask is easy to wear and suitable for a masquerade ball, formal gathering, and events. 

Why Boloparty Feather Mask

For all your feather mask needs, visit Boloparty. Different varieties of feather masks for your exclusive activities, occasions and gatherings are always available. We are here to give you matchless services and aid you in seeking the right product for you.

Our product is available with plenty of designs, styles, themes, and motifs. Each classification undergoes a legitimate inspection and successfully distributes it to worldwide markets. As your top-tier company, we accept any product customization that corresponds with your specification. Please send us your drawings and layout samples now!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Feather Mask
Feather Mask

Boloparty is the only company in China you can trust for all your feather masks. We professionally used our gained knowledge in fulfilling our jobs and duties in this field. 

For decades, Boloparty has stood as your one-stop provider for all your feather masks. Being partnered with us has a visible impact on your business positions. We can be your lifetime colleagues in achieving a victorious success. So if your market receives the highest demand for feather masks, feel free to inquire about our impressive deals and benefits! 

Boloparty Ugly Christmas Sweater to Rocket Your Business

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Boloparty – Your Outstanding Feather Mask Supplier in China

In China, Boloparty appoints as the leading manufacturer of feather masks. We have a successful 10+ years of experience in supplying the sturdiest and stable quality products to all local and global customers. 

Boloparty has a flexible intelligence in this production cycle. We adhere to provide products that extremely surpass international standards and qualifications. Our feather mask initially follows the customer’s specifications and requirements.  

Typical Application of Feather Mask:

  • Costume parties
  • Masquerade balls
  • Royal gatherings
  • Casual activities
  • Cosplaying events

Feather masks are considered the most exotic and extravagant costume accessories. The feathers on it always add the perfect amount of flare, magical and glamorous attractions. Wearing this type of mask makes you the prettiest and most elegant person. 

Features and Advantages of Using Feather Mask:

  • Fully-fabricated
  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • Useful for multiple times
  • Enduring
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Enables to boost up the confidence
  • Avant-garde attractive designs
  • It comes with versatile color themes and motif
  • Comfortable
  • It comes with flexible measurements
  • It gives fancy and discerning appeal

Our feather mask is suitable for all genders. We provide a specific measurement of this accessory perfectly fits kids, teens, adults, and elders. It configures out of the most stylish and seductive design that perfectly fits your certain events. 

All color combinations are available for your desired themes and motifs. Boloparty owns feather masks that come from original fabrications. We only use the most trusted raw materials that enable us to maintain its quality.

We continuously improve our strategy to develop and innovate state-of-the-art products. Our team’s active participation and unity enable us to accomplish our everyday jobs and duties fully. We are confident to render you 500+ sets of our products with assorted styles and designs. 

Boloparty has the most substantial manufacturing capabilities to fulfill your expectations. All products thoroughly inspect, defect-free, and persistent. Any OEM and ODM are warmly acceptable as your request. 

Please send us all your detailed specifications. We can make all your ideas turn factual and realistic. We can reach anywhere you live. Grab your orders and expect the fastest delivery responses. Do not miss out to catch our daily updates and information about our products. Always check our website on, or you can even call us on our official hotline.

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