Boloparty- Producer of First-class Christmas Wreaths in China

Boloparty develops and supplies excellent Christmas Wreath worldwide. Each product passed Sedex, BSCI, FAMA, UL, etc.

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Boloparty- Your #1 Manufacturer of Christmas Wreaths

Boloparty is an experienced and world-class supplier of Christmas wreaths around the world. Diverse choices of designs are designed to provide the utmost service our clients search for.

Come and enjoy the benefits and perks of the Boloparty Christmas wreath by partnering with us.

Consumers’ Choices This Year

12 Inches Christmas Wreath

the pre-lit Christmas wreath is available in diverse shades of green. Simple and perfect for DIY ideas with 12” diameter. Sizes are customizable.

Bulb Christmas Wreath

Pre-lit Bulb Christmas Wreath is operated with a long-lasting battery, also available in the single color bulb. Sassy with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

Felt Paper Christmas Wreath

Made from wool and synthetic fiber, the felt paper wreath comes in other colors. Sizes vary from 6” for small and 26” large. last long and lightweight.

Lollipop Christmas Wreath

Artificial lollipop Christmas wreath is made in candy-design with the alternate multicolor aesthetic layout in 19” diameter made of quality PE.

Minimalist Christmas Wreath

The minimalist wreath is made of PE with a natural twig-like design. Flowers are removable perfect for DIYs. diameters come in 6″ (S) to 28″(L).

Multicolored Christmas Wreath

The Smooth surface multicolored wreath is in 20” diameter. These balls are put together with strong adhesive, reusable for another occasion.

Ornament Christmas Wreath

The pink and white color combination is a perfect match for White Christmas. Ornament Christmas wreath is made of PVC in 20” diameter.

Pre-lit Red and Gold Christmas Wreath

Gold Christmas wreath is battery-operated. The material used is PVC girded with gold and red colors. Small is 6” diameter and 20” for large.

Triple- Christmas Wreath

Item comes with hook and nails it is 5’ long and wreaths are assembled from small to large. Diameters: 6”(S), 12” (M), and 22” (L).

Why Boloparty Christmas Wreath

We can get you the adorable Christmas wreath hanged on your door that fits the seasons all year long. We give excellent service that keeps customers coming back for more. Boloparty manufactures a variety of party decorations and supplies like Christmas decors, costumes, party utensils, and yes, a Christmas wreaths too.

We have joined parties and events all over the world through the quality products we deliver to our valued customers. Connect to a Boloparty specialist and let us attend to your needs.


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Christmas Wreath
Christmas Wreath

How about Boloparty tells you, we have what you need to ignite that new business designs and ideas. With 600 Pcs of Boloparty products, you can widen the range of your business opportunities.

Message us the specific details of your Christmas wreath and we will work around your demands.

Low MOQ to Kick start Your Business

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Boloparty- Your World-Class Supplier of Christmas Wreath in China

Boloparty wants to hang around with you with our bestselling Christmas wreath. Not only that we supply premium products but also affordable ones. Each wreath manufactured in Boloparty is checked and verified by local and international auditing bodies.

We use PVC, Polyethylene, Tinsel PVC, and Fiber-optic materials to manufacture the Boloparty Christmas wreaths.

Key Features of Boloparty Christmas Wreath

  • Trendy
  • Safe
  • Sustainable
  • Fire retardant
  • Affordable
  • Classy
  • Easy to clean

Boloparty Christmas wreath is so versatile that it never ran out of style. Each wreath is layout to be reusable for other occasions. Thus, choosing Boloparty is choosing a cost-effective product without taking for granted the quality of it. Our community of workers is open-minded people who consider the satisfaction and safety of our users.

The Practical Uses of Boloparty Christmas Wreath

  • It fits almost all small important places in your house-  On your door or your living room, the Boloparty Christmas wreath is versatile enough to fit your likes and ideas.
  • Reusable and perfect for DIYs- Practically surely comes around more than once so and our wreath is here to keep you creative.
  • Up-to-date designs- Stylish and trendy designs for all-year-round use
  • Crazy-ideas-ready- Turn your Christmas wreath into other types of décor: plant chandelier, tabletop décor.

Christmas wreath has never been this awesome!

In Boloparty your demands are our top priority. Our products will keep you acquainted with different uses and ideas. We match your creativity with our proactive and dedicated team who makes sure that our products match your creativity and fun.

Regardless of what occasion you want to have, our party essentials will not put you down. For years we have learned the rhythm of the market and you are definitely one of those.

Boloparty is here to give the credit you deserve with our first-class Christmas wreaths. Let us together celebrate the yuletide season with excellent-quality supplies that last. Our wreaths are amazingly curated with multiple colors and designs you can never get enough with.

Boloparty Christmas wreaths are worth the money and time. We would love to hear from you.

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