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Boloparty is a professional Christmas sweater manufacturer in China. We can produce over 500 designs for Christmas and other party supplies.
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Boloparty - Your #1 Christmas Sweaters Manufacturer

Boloparty is a leading manufacturer of all types of Christmas sweaters. We can produce Christmas sweaters and any party supplies with outstanding design, look and style. No matter what party supplies you need, you can count on Boloparty. You can guarantee the best product quality and reliable service from Boloparty. As an experienced manufacturer, we can provide professional and timely solutions to your project needs. You can send us your ideal Christmas sweater now!

Most Popular Christmas Sweaters This Year

Men Christmas Sweater
Men’s Christmas sweaters are great as a Christmas gift for yourself and anyone special, such as your friends or family. Suitable for men, teens or adults.
Family Set Snowflake Pullover Christmas Sweater
This Christmas sweater is impressive, good quality and fits well. It’s perfect for every Christmas and winter. It makes your family look cool and cuter.
LED Christmas Sweater
This sweater is well made, safe and simply fantastic. It’s low-energy, doesn’t burn, and lasts a long time. The lights flicker festively without causing eye strain or headaches.
Women Christmas Sweater
Women’s Christmas sweaters are comfortable and versatile. This sweater makes every woman more beautiful and glamorous at the Christmas party.
Unisex Christmas Sweater
This unisex Christmas sweater is made from high-quality fabrics that fit softly against the skin without being irritating. Perfect with jeans, booties or heels for an alluring look.
Children Christmas Sweater
Children’s Christmas sweaters are perfect for vacations, especially Christmas. No harmful effects on children’s skin, suitable for 5-8 years old.
Christmas Dog Sweater
Christmas dog sweaters make your pet more charming and good-looking during the Christmas season. Pet safety gear, made from durable or long-lasting materials.
Vintage Female Christmas Knitted Sweater
This Christmas sweater looks more stylish and professional. Very comfortable and relaxing to use. They are suitable for Christmas parties and any Christmas event.
Breathable Anti-Wrinkle Ladies Christmas Sweater
This is a Christmas sweater with a great design that lasts longer, is breathable to wear and more. This sweater is of great quality and quality and is a great choice.
Ugly Christmas Sweater
Ugly Christmas sweaters come in different colors, designs, sizes and other specifications. It is made of durable and perfect fabric quality.
Pullover Christmas Sweater
Pullover Christmas sweaters are perfect for both men and women. Great for day and night use. This sweater is easy to wash, easy to put on, and quick to take off.
Twosie Christmas Sweater
The twosie Christmas sweater promotes the best relationship between you and your partner. You can use it with your sister, friends and anyone special.

Why Boloparty Christmas Sweaters

Boloparty Christmas sweaters are made from high quality fabrics. Boloparty is one of the best places to go when you need a high-end Christmas sweater. We are engaged in the manufacture and production of unique party supplies. For any Christmas, birthday, wedding and any party decoration, you can choose Boloparty. In China, Boloparty is a well-known party supplies manufacturing company. We mainly produce Christmas sweaters, Christmas decorations and other Christmas items. We can customize your Christmas sweater wishes according to your details. Consult us now!

Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Christmas Sweaters
Christmas Sweaters
At Boloparty you can find over 500 Christmas sweater designs. We offer the latest and modern looking party supplies. With decades of experience, Boloparty is fully capable of exporting any Christmas sweater and other Christmas decorations nationwide. As a professional manufacturer, we can meet your special and special standards. Quality products and affordable prices are your guarantee. Send us your Christmas sweater wishes for us!

Boloparty Christmas Sweaters to Rocket Your Business

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Boloparty – Your trusted Christmas sweater supplier in China

For your holiday sweater needs, Boloparty got you covered. We are a professional holiday sweater provider in China with rich knowledge and history in this field. You can get reliable products here at the same time excellent services.


Holiday sweaters have become more and more popular every year. It is traditional to wear to feel the essence of holidays like Christmas, New Year, etc. Here in Boloparty, we make sweaters for men, women, kids, pets, and couples. Whatever your character-themed ugly sweaters designs and sizes, we can make it for you.


It is a beautiful gift for friends, girlfriends, boyfriends,and family. They will surely love the comfy and high-quality holiday sweaters. It is ideal for taking a selfie, or family portrait,night out,work office,party, back to school,cold winter, daily casual, Xmas, Christmas holiday, New Year, outdoors,fall-winter,etc.

Holiday Sweater Features


  • High-quality fabric and super soft
  • Available in various designs full of holiday flavor
  • Christmas sweater for women, men, kids,etc.
  • It can be knitted, stylish, and comfy
  • Fashionable and functional

Holiday Sweater Advantages


  • Perfect for the chilly weather
  • Easy to layered
  • Make your outfit picture perfect,
  • Ideal for gifting to all of your friends
  • Eye-catching designs    



A Christmas sweater is a great way to protect your skin, especially in cold weather. Also, the professional design of this sweater makes it more attractive for both men and women. It comes in many colors such as:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Stripes (red and black)
  • Yellow etc.

Boloparty Christmas Sweater Application

  • School christmas party
  • Office Christmas Activities
  • Christmas game
  • Reunion over Christmas
  • Christmas date etc.
When you need a high quality Christmas sweater, Boloparty has the best solution for you. We offer the widest selection of sweaters for Christmas applications. From color and design, we can meet your special needs. Boloparty can support your bulk and wholesale orders. We also accept small MOQ orders to finance your start-up.
As a professional manufacturer, Boloparty takes your ideas and exact specifications into consideration. You can get the exact size and function of your Christmas sweater wishes. We can also recommend the best and premium party supplies that are best suited to your application. If you need more information, please contact us directly!
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