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Boloparty - Your Leading Birthday Candle Manufacturer

As your premier choice, Boloparty has a great ability to guide your whole process and help you get the most affordable but quality-tested birthday candles. In more than 10 years in this industry, we export different types of candles and sizes. We can consider your own designs that are based on your business’s special requirements. Message us now!

Most Popular Birthday Candles This Year

Happy Birthday Letter Candle Set

You can get a happy birthday candle set available in different color options like silver, gold, blue, and pink. Affordable and attractive candles.

Pastel Spiral Birthday Candles

Pastel spiral birthday candles are small candles with spiral designs available in different colors. Simple and elegant candles are accessible in the set.

Long Thin Birthday Candles

Long thin is a unique candle for birthday cakes. It has complete colors packed with different colors. Guarantee cheaper prices provide at your ideal quantity

Glitter Birthday Candles

Glitters birthday candles are suitable with different themes. Available in color gold, white, and more custom colors offered at affordable rates.

Sparkling Fountain Birthday Candles

The sparkling fountain is one of the fun candles for everyone’s birthday, especially for kids. Available in different colors perfect for Christmas parties as well.

Sparkle Birthday Candles

We design different styles of sparkling birthday candles and make different colors like black. Effective and brings joy to the birthday celebrants.

Rotating Lotus Birthday Candles

One of the parent’s favorites for their kids to give a special surprise is rotating lotus birthday candles. It has small sizes to bigger sizes and a variety of colors.

Number Birthday Candles

Number birthday candles are available in sparkling and milting types. It has various colors and decorative prints accessible at affordable prices.

Novelty Birthday Candles

Novelty birthday parties have the lowest price with perfect designs and appearance. Any colors like gold and decorative and printed design.

Why Boloparty Birthday Candles

Choosing the right part or supplier and manufacturer in China is one of the best choices you made. As a professional manufacturer and partner, Boloparty has great ability that offers in more than 10 years. We are manufacturing various selections of birthday candles and customer trends. Assuring to use high-quality and verified materials.

If you plan to import birthday candles, Boloparty is your great option. We export to different countries that accept low MOQ from 100 pieces of birthday candles. Send your inquires!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Start Your Business

Birthday Candles
Birthday Candles

Boloparty is manufacturing different party supplies including birthday candles. We manufacture according to your request from different sizes, shapes, styles, and more options. High-quality and attractive birthday candles with competitive price offer.

We manufacture using high-quality materials and provide attractive designs, especially for kids. Offer low MOQ starts from 100 pieces to expand your business. Send your inquiries now!

Boloparty Birthday Candles to Grow Your Business

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Boloparty- You #1 Birthday Candle Manufacturer in China

Boloparty is a reliable and experienced company providing full selections of birthday candles and create based on your requests. We have great 10 years of experience producing all types of party supplies like candles.

Birthday is a traditional celebration for a long time. There are many types of candles since ancient Greeks. This is the best way for many people to celebrate symbolizing the light of life, especially for birthday celebrations.

Boloparty is manufacturing various birthday candle selections for you. There are different styles of scented candles for birthday surprises, cake candles, and more. One of the popular birthday candles are decorative candles. We design candles for kids, adults, and more for different options.

There are flower candles for kids’ surprises, sparkling candles, fountain candles, and simple spiral and plain candles for birthdays. We manufacture a lot of shapes happy birthday letter sets, number candles, and more in different sizes.

There are a Variety of Birthday Candles Advantages and Characteristics:

  • Odorless candles that improve air quality
  • Uniqueness and individually
  • Attractive in various designs and colors
  • Custom birthday candles and various materials
  • Adds cozy ambiance

Boloparty is manufacturing birthday candles using verified raw materials and provides a lot of designs every year. It is manufacture with different types of candles like paraffin wax, soy wax, palm, beeswax, bayberry, liquid, and more. It makes different designs and styles perfect for business.

We can help you cherish your childhood memories and give pleasant feelings while blowing the perfect candle. Choose all types of birthday candles for your retail and wholesale business and provide complete selections for your customers. You can gain the best profits while saving a lot of money.

You can enjoy and bring joy to your customers for every birthday event while saving money. While handling whole processing, Boloparty provides convenient space for production from production processing, showroom, mixing process, and more.

On more than 10 years in the industry, we provide the full capability to offer the best birthday candles for your personally handled projects and business distribution and supplies. We can provide 100% tested and proven quality which exports to many countries and regions and ensure flexible packaging for secure long travel.

Send your inquiries for more information and expect benefits for your business. Get in touch now!

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