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Bandana items individually pass the ISO/IEC regulation. Bandanas distributed by Poloparty are guaranteed to be safe from lead, bisphenol A, Formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.

Boloparty- The Maker of Quality Bandanas

Our team is able to generate more than 500 bandana designs every year. If you are planning to widen your business capacity, Boloparty is here to supply quality bandanas to get you started. In developing bandana products your ideas are what we put on the account. Please send your bandana inquiries now!


Cat bandana

Fashionable cat bandanas are curated into vibrant colors. These items have adjustable buckles which make them comfortable and stylish for your feline friend.

Dog bandanas

Dog bandanas design is plaid patterns, 25 more patterns are available. Customized design is also possible. Each is free-sized made perfect for your fur buddy.

Wicking Bandana

Made of 100% polyester wicking bandanas line in nine different shades like red, black, and more. These Easy-wear and breathable bandanas are one size and fit most.

Head Scarf Bandana

Multifunctional head scarf bandanas are made with the finest 100% polyester which makes them stretchable and lightweight. More patterns are available.

Cotton Scarf Bandana

This 20”x20” paisley design bandana is available in colors red, blue, green, orange, and more. Western-inspired bandana is made of cotton fabric.

Minimalist Solid Bandana

Go trendy with this solid bandana made of 100% polyester available in 20 more minimalist colors. Size is 27.6”x 27.6” perfect as headwear and petite tops.

Military Bandana

Looking cool and feeling comfortable with this 27”x27” military bandana made of 100% cotton. It is one size and fits most. It is perfect for additional protection.

Multi-Purpose Tube Face

These types of bandanas are customizable into different styles: balaclava, headband, facemask, and neckband. Each item is made of thick polyester filament.

Headband Bandana

Elastic bandanas with UV rays protection fit your outdoor getaway. This 10cmx 24cm bandana is manufactured from the finest cotton in multiple colors. Perfect for your session.

Why Boloparty Bandanas

We use the finest materials and make sure that our apparels are safe, easy to wear, and affordable to the general market. Each item goes into an intricate design. Boloparty lives up to our customers’ expectations bringing to them stylish and trendy bandanas. We customize designs from sizes, graphics, and materials to be used.

Boloparty made its name in different market platforms because we know what you need and we expand our experience through the relentless support of our loyal customers. Boloparty does not compromise and we team up with enthusiastic people who can bring to you the finest bandanas in your store or directly to your homes. Let us hear from you, send your inquiries now!


Low MOQ from 600 Pcs to Get Your Business Started


Boloparty generates new bandana designs through public choice and demands. Out of more than 1000 mostly bought items, we evolve 150 more designs that catch the eye of our customers. Our company is your one-stop bandana supplier. The bandanas you need are right inside our wardrobe.

Boloparty is an ISO accredited company that passed SEDEX, BSCI, and FAMA Audits for factory inspections. Your safety and satisfaction with our bandanas are our top-most priority.

Should you have an interest in our premium products and service, do not hesitate to send us your design. Put your trust in Boloparty and we warrant not to put your ideas down.

600 pcs of Bandanas to Shoot Up Your Business

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Boloparty- Your Finest Bandanas Supplier in China

Trends and demands on bandanas are ever-changing and our company makes sure you never ran out of style and comfort. We produce first-class bandanas that reach all around the world.

Boloparty designs bandanas that are practical to wear and fit your fashion trend. Whether you go out in the sun or stay cozy at home, we got you covered by our exceptional bandanas.

Designs and uses of Boloparty Bandanas

  • Headband
  • Balaclava
  • Jumbo-size as petite tops
  • Face mask
  • Scarf
  • Additional layer of weather protection


The Edge of Boloparty Bandanas

  • UV Rays protection
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Sweat absorbent
  • Fast Drying
  • Multi-purpose
  • Fashionable
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Strong & Stretchable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Lightweight


Bandanas’ use changes as the years pass. Boloparty copes with that change and warrants each clientele that they receive premium bandanas on various occasions.

We would love to join your daily activities and occasion. Our comfortable and stylish bandana can surely go along with your everyday fashion. A bandana is not just a bandana, in Boloparty we consider the multiple uses of the apparel.  This gives us the idea that whether you are going to a yoga gym or you are just enjoying the beautiful ambiance of your home, Boloparty bandana is here to give you the restful and pleasant feel you deserve.

Each bandana is convertible to at least two designs, making it highly practical and cost-effective. Our team chooses the color that delights your color palette.

Moreover, if you are planning to expand your business or to hype up your fashion statement Boloparty bandana is the wise choice you will make.

Bandanas developed by our company compete with the finest add-on apparel in the world market. Our products are affordable in diverse designs that you will never get over with.

Our state-of-the-art facilities promise to knit and sew your bandanas with the finest raw materials that are safe for you and our ecosystem.

Boloparty is here to customize the design and size you need. Please do not hesitate to message us directly!

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