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Party Costume Supplies - One Stop Party Manufacturer in China

Ningbo Boloparty has been a professional party supplies manufacturer in China since 2010. We offer countless fabric clothing, plush clothing, inflatable clothing and mascot clothing designs. In addition, we also produce quality hats, wigs, masks and any accessories you may need. Perfect for and decorating any occasion: Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas – we have it all! Of course, we offer ODM services to meet your requirements and turn your interesting ideas into reality. We supply major chains in the US and Europe, including Michael’s, Party City, Disney, Smiffy’s and more. Share their success – contact us today!

Boloparty Featured Products

We design and manufacture holiday sweaters and sweatshirts for men, women and kids for any occasion. Our holiday clothing is made from wool, acrylic, nylon, cotton and polyester. You can choose or design wholesale elegant, sophisticated or fun holiday sweaters.

BoloParty has 4 major garment factories, two of which produce regular garments. Whether you want to sell sexy lingerie apparel or themed party wear, our reliable supply chain has you covered.

In addition to regular costumes, we also offer pet costumes and mascot costumes. Our pet clothing is safe and will bring joy to lovable pets. We also make fun head-to-toe items for sports and college mascots.

To add something extra to the outfit, we make a variety of party wigs. We offer synthetic wigs in any color, length and style – from elegant fairy wigs to fun clown wigs. Contact us for fun, crazy and beautiful masquerade wigs for men, women and kids.

Party hats are another way to liven up any outfit. We produce all kinds of hats: large and small, tapered and fedora, with cords and headbands. We will print any color and design on your wholesale hats with added glitter, fluff, feathers and more!

As a professional party supplies manufacturer, BoloParty creates holiday and thematic decor. This includes garlands, tinsel foil fringe, balloons, kits, banners, cutouts, and so much more. Our party decorations are a must-have for any party business!

Third Part Factory Audit

Ningbo BoloParty factories have passed the Sedex, BSCI, FAMA, and other audits. We are proud to comply with various social compliance, social accountability, and ethical audits.

These audits ensure that a supplier’s working conditions are in accordance with international labour standards. Importers like you can verify that your supplier enforces humane working conditions.

For instance, Sedex’s factory audit standard is known as the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), which is the most common factory audit in the world. Additionally, FAMA ensures proper work flow and a safe environment within the factory.

We put sustainable and ethical trade at the heart of our manufacturing process.

All Testing Report for USA & EU Market

BoloParty encourages the testing of our products to maintain a consistent quality grade. We have testing reports with the European EN71, American CPSIA, CA Prop 65, CPSC, and ASTM F963-17 standards.

We welcome a wide variety of tests and testing methods. For instance, our products can be tested for fiber content, flammability, presence of heavy metals, lead content, phthalates content, and mechanical properties. Additionally, we have veterinary certificates, confirming that our pet costumes are safe for animals.

Contact us for more information on existing testing reports or if you wish to conduct new third-party testing. You can always be sure of the quality and safety of our products.

Over 2000 Party Supplies Item in Stock

Since 2010, we have manufactured over 10,000 items for client businesses all over the world. Currently, we strive to always have 2,000 items in stock. We boast an optimized supply chain ready to support your business at any time.


We require a low MOQ of 80 pieces for costumes and 500 pieces for hats, wigs, and other accessories.

500 Design Every Year

Our R&D staff creates 200-500 new designs each year, growing our catalogue. You will have many options to choose from.

Audit & Testing Report

Ningbo BoloParty factories comply with many social and organizational audits. Our products undergo rigorous testing, reflected in our reports and certificates.

10 Years Experience

Established in 2010, we have had more than 10 years of experience working with world-famous brands and manufacturing party supplies.

Custom Your Party Supplies

We offer ODM services to our clients. You are welcome to contact us any time with your computer-aided design, sample, or even just an idea. Our sample time is about 7 days, and our lead time is about 45 days after the completion of product testing.

You can send us a computer-drawn design with all necessary layouts, measurements, comments, and features.

We will follow your design and communicate any necessary changes. CADs greatly facilitate client-supplier communication and the speed of production.

If you wish to send us a sample, this will also facilitate communication.

We will be able to replicate your sample on a wholesale scale, so you can launch your party supplies business on the spot.

We will even create samples according to your idea.

Our customer service and ODM staff will gladly discuss your ideas, creating the perfect one-stop solution for your party supplies wholesale.

Supply Party Supplies for Main Festival

BoloParty manufactures party supplies for any occasion. This includes the main Western holidays like Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and many more. Our professional employees will bring your themed party supplies to life.

Halloween Party Supplies
Christmas Party Supplies
Ester Day Party Supplies
ST Patrick Day Party Supplies

Resource and Guide

We are also offering a range of resources and guides to help you develop your perfect product. Some resources are about specific holidays, some are about specific item categories, while others are about the general ODM and manufacturing processes. We hope you find these helpful!

  • What party supplies are common for which holiday?
  • The ultimate ODM guide
  • Adult vs kids costumes: the guide
  • How to design a party wig?
  • The Best Guide to Pet-Friendly Clothing

Ningbo BoloParty, established in 2010, is a professional manufacturer of party supplies in China. We specialize in making all kinds of clothing, hats, wigs, masks, makeup, accessories and decorations for any occasion.

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